Trujillo, Peru

An uninterrupted bus ride from Mancora to Lima would have taken 20 hours so we preferred to cut the distance in half and stop mid-way in Trujillo, a medium-sized city of about 1 million people. So we took another overnight bus to get from Mancora to Trujillo (using the bus company Oltursa). Overnight buses are very practical when traveling on a budget as they save you a night at the hostel! The bus went very smoothly and we were able to get a rather good night of sleep.

Upon our arrival in Trujillo at 8AM we were greeted by the usual taxi drivers who litterally jump at you to offer an overpriced taxi ride to your hotel. Experience has told us to just politely refuse the offers and walk away from the bus station for a while, then call a taxi ride in a calmer area to get a fair price. Arrivals in new cities are always very entertaining!

Our 2 days here were a good opportunity to try "combis" for the first time. These are small vans that can take around 10-12 people onboard. Similar to buses but smaller, they cost around 50 cents. We took a combi to get to Huacas del Sol y de la Luna, a vast ruin of an ancient Moche city (Moches were a people that settled in the area around 100-800 B.C. in a time before the Incas) We learned that they built these 2 large palaces for practicing sacrifices and more generally as a display of power. The Luna ("moon") temple was built at the bottom of a 300m mountain and the Sol ("sun") temple was built on the other side of the city. Together, the 2 temples were delimiting the city. Overall an impressive work that has required work of generations of people to build.

Today we took the local bus to go to Huanchaco, a small beach town near Trujillo. We had one of our best set lunches (called almuerzos here) to date and spent the afternoon walking and hanging out in a small cafe. The ride back to the city was excruciatingly long (around 1h15) because we probably took the longest bus line...

Tonight we're catching an overnight bus to Lima (again on Oltursa, 9 hours), where we'll be spending the entire next week in a small appartment we found on Airbnb... We're both looking forward to settle down and make our own food using local ingredients. Restaurants are fun but it's hard (and expensive) to get healthy food. There's nothing like cooking your own food :)

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