A Forced Slow Down

I won't lie, traveling full time is not all rainbows and butterflies. We knew it though. We knew from the start that there would be a time during our trip where we would be tired of it. It's a sneaky feeling, slowly growing in the back of your mind, and one day, something happens and makes you realise how vulnerable and uncomfortable you are. It challenges you to rethink the whole thing, to make sure you still want to continue on the path you decided to take 3-4 months ago. The path most people would have never taken but the one most people envy and wish they could take, like an unreachable dream. It makes you think that you should be strong, anyway, stronger than you feel at that moment. But you are not, you are exhausted! And you know what... The hardest part is to tell yourself that it's okay! It's okay to realise that you are not invicible.

Some of you might have noticed, but we did not write a blog post for at least a month, if not more than that. Yes, we posted some news and pictures on Facebook, but we did not share much of what we have done in Indonesia and Malaysia. I think I personnaly had to get over that rougher period before being able to write again.

Even though the bad weather and the rain were relentless as soon as we got to Indonesia, the real trigger was undeniably the scooter accident in Kuta. For those of you who did not know, we had a minor scooter accident while we were in Lombok, Indonesia. Fortunately, we both had our helmets on and we did not suffer extensive injuries. We were going at about 30 km/h, so not extremely fast, but fast enough to get some mean scrapes on many parts of the right side of our bodies. We were helped by some people that were passing by, on their way to the beach like we were. But in the end, we lifted the scooter back up and headed to the clinic ourselves. The nurse cleaned up our wounds and the doctor prescribed us some antibiotics. But unfortunately it looks like Indonesia clearly did not catch up with the modern techniques and they cleaned up our wounds with iodine! If you ever had wounds cleaned disinfected with iodine, you’ll know that applying iodine on opened wounds burns like hell and we both shouted out our excruciating pain loudly in the doctor's office. We both agreed, the iodine was the worst part of it all!!

While we traveled through parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and, more recently, Thailand, over the past month and a half, the scooter accident limited the things we could do. While my wounds healed rather quickly, David was not as lucky as I was. The thing we feared the most happened and the wounds on his foot got infected. In Kuala Lumpur, we decided to go the clinic and he was prescribed another round of antibiotics. And unfortunately, that was not the end of it... Although the antibiotics had their effect, we faced the fact that wounds on feet take much longer to heal. Although the accident happened on February 1st (nearly a month ago now), he is still recovering! It is now getting better every day that goes by and we hope he'll be "up and running" (pun intended!) very shortly. 😃

In my next blog post, I'll let you know a bit more of what we did in Indonesia and Malaysia. We did not see and do everything we would have hoped to, but we still discovered parts of them.

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Posted by Michele

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