About Us

During the summer of 2015, we have decided to quit our jobs, rent the house, sold our unnecessary stuff and jumped right into a project that had been a dream on both of our bucket lists: pause our life to travel the world for months. Through this site, we will share our travel experiences with our readers.

Both avid travelers, this trip outshines any of our previous travels by its duration and coverage. Our plan includes visiting around 15 countries during the next 8-9 months. Our goal is to do one full revolution around the world, traveling West-bound until we're back home in Montreal, Canada. Our departure is set for mid-October 2015 when we'll be heading out to our first destination: Ecuador!

About Michèle

Travels are fascinating because they allow me to step out of my comfort zone. It is the strangest feeling, but I feel the most alive when I do. I have traveled around quite a bit over the past 10 years: Cuba, India, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Peru and the Philippines. I have also lived about 4 years in Seattle, USA, and made my way up and down the West Coast a couple of times.

Life is short and I want to spend the next few months experiencing what the world has to offer. I want to witness sunrises from every continent. I want to climb mountains so high it gets hard to breathe. I want to see how families spend their Sunday nights in villages where they don’t have TVs and computers to keep them entertained. I want to spend afternoons on secret beaches simply laying in the sun. I want to do all this while holding the hand of the man I love. I want us Two See The World!

About David

I have been passionate about traveling since 2005, the year I embarked on my first big trip: one full year in Cambodia. That year abroad has been an eye opener and I have tried to make traveling one of my highest priorities. Since then, I have spent most of my vacation time traveling to France, England, Thailand, Vietnam, the Canadian Rockies, Costa Rica, Tanzania and Portugal.

How To Use This Site?

The Itinerary Map

On the home page of the site, you'll find a map that looks like this:

The map on the homepage

This map will be updated as we progress through our itinerary. It represents 2 things:

  1. Wide gray line: Our original, planned - and very approximate - itinerary
  2. Narrow red line: Our actual itinerary

Where Are We Page

If you quickly want to know the last location we were, have a look at the Where Are We page, accessible from the main menu.

Our Travel Statistics

As we travel further and further, some stats will be updated in the site's footer:

travel stats

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Et le français dans tout ça?

Le français étant notre langue maternelle à tous les deux, il peut sembler bizarre pour nos proches francophones de nous lire en anglais. La décision d'écrire la majorité de nos articles en anglais nous est justifiée pour les raisons suivantes:

  1. Nous croyons que nos histoires pourront être d'un intérêt pour plusieurs voyageurs internationaux parlant des langues variées; l'anglais est la langue qui rassemble généralement la majorité de ces voyageurs.
  2. Plusieurs de nos amis et connaissances parlent seulement anglais.
  3. Nous croyons que la plupart de nos familles et amis peuvent lire et comprendre l'anglais.

Ceci dit, tous nos articles ne seront pas nécessairement écrits en anglais ! À suivre...


We hope you'll enjoy our stories and this site will inspire you to live your dreams, whatever they are!

Michèle & David